$ --~~~~Insert formula here ---- $[Italic text]Crumbs:lalalaalalalaala

Suzette:watcha doin Crumbs



Jewel:here's tjeh flourrrrrrrrrr *drops the flour*

Suzette:anyways I'll need my stuff back and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *loses the stuff and slips in ther basement*

Crumbs:HEEEEEEEEEYA *touches the plates and puts them back in order on the table

Suzette:um hello anyone here

Crumbs:oh yeah *opens the door*

Suzette:my dress!

Rosy:oh no is there anyhting poisionous in there oh are ya okay

Suzette:well my dress is covred with flour but hyeah I;m okay

Pillow:ya missed it Suzette Crumbs is a ninja in the kitchen

Suzette:what no way show me

Crumbs:um okay then HEEEEEEEYA *launches knives at the wall*

Suzette:sew ................................... *eyes turn into dollar signs* you really do have some skills can ya do me a lil favor eh >:)

Crumbs:okay what is it

Suzette:well use yur talent in the kitchen all over Lalaloopsy  Land

Blanket:oh dear no  why is these loopsys sew nuts over money?

To Be Continued