Mittens Fluff N' Stuff (ミトン綿毛とか, Miton Watage Toka), labeled The Snow Day Enthusiast, is Lalaloopsy Land's biggest enthusiast of all things snowy. She loves hot cocoa, snow fights, and snuggling by the fire.


Mittens is a light brown skinned girl with pale pink cheeks and pink eyes. She has long blue hair worn in high pigtails held with white bows and wrap around curved bangs.

She wears a pink and magenta striped long sleeved shirt with a fur vest with blue trim, a white pair of bloomers with a blue mesh skirt with darker blue spots decorating it. She also has on pink and magenta striped leg warmers and white boots with magenta and pink trims.


  • Name: Mittens Fluff N Stuff
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Cool and Warm-hearted
  • Likes: Hot cocoa, snowball fights, igloos, snow-related puns
  • Voiced by: Erin Fitzgerald (English), Chinami Nishimura (Japanese)