Dyna Might (ダイナマイトかもしれません, Dainamaito Kamo Shiremasen), labeled The Fearless Heroine, is the greatest hero Lalaloopsy Land has ever known. She is a fearless action star who loves wearing disguises, running at super speed and saving the day with her pink-powered goggles!


Dyna Might is a fair skinned girl with pink eyes normally protected by a pair of white goggles with pink lenses. She has bright green hair worn in pigtails held with small red bows and straight cut bangs. She has a small cowlick at the top of her head.

Her attire is very flashy! She wears an orange dress with shiny orange stars, a bright pink belt with a big yellow button in the center, red-orange leggings, tall white boots with orange soles, and a green-yellow cape with pink polka-dotted lining.


  • Name: Dyna Might
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Speedy and brave
  • Voiced by: Wendee Lee (English)