Dot Starlight

Dot Starlight (ドット星明かり, Dotto Hoshi Akari), labeled The Star Dreamer, is the most profound stargazer in Lalaloopsy Land. She is a dreamer who always has her head in the clouds, distracted by the many wonderous thoughts, ideas, and beautiful sights surrounding her. She loves science, which explains most of her vocabulary as Dot prefers using the scientific name for many specimens.


Dot Starlight is a dark skinned girl with dark blue eyes and blond-yellow hair set in chin-length curls and wavy bangs. She wears a red headband with a bow on the right side of her head. Dot wears a platinum-blue and red dress with a small ribbon belt around her waist, a white neck, four red buttons, and red lining. She also wears white socks with red at the top and pink high-cut sneakers with red shoelaces.


  • Name: Dot Starlight
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Daydreamer
  • Occupation: Astronomer
  • Likes: Space and science
  • Voiced by: Lara Jill Miller (English), Kae Araki (Japanese)
  • Pet: Bird